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Advantages of power converter module

Jul 31 2019

Advantages of power converter module

1)Simple design.Power is available with just one power module and a small number of discrete components.

2)Shorten the development cycle.The Pengtu module power supply is generally equipped with a variety of input and output options.Users can also repeat the superposition or cross-over stacking to form a modular power supply,which realizes multiple input and output,greatly reducing the development time of the prototype.

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3)Flexible change.If the product design needs to be changed,just convert or parallel another suitable power module.
4)Low technical requirements.The Pentium module power supply is generally equipped with a standardized front end,high integrated power supply modules and other components,thus making the power supply design simpler.
5)The module power supply housing has a three-in-one structure of heat sink,heat sink and outer casing,which realizes the conduction cooling mode of the module power supply,so that the temperature value of the power supply approaches the minimum value.At the same time,it also gave the module power Jinyu its watch packaging.
6)High quality and reliable.The module power supply is generally fully automated and equipped with high-tech production technology,so the quality is stable and reliable.
7)Wide range of uses:Pengtu module power supply can be widely used in aerospace,locomotive ships,military weapons,power generation and distribution,post and telecommunications,metallurgical mines,automatic control,household appliances,instrumentation and scientific research experiments,etc.Various fields,especially in the field of high reliability and high technology,play an irreplaceable role.