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Company Profile

Nanjing Pengtu Power Supply Co.,Ltd was established in 2007,is located in No.381,Pugang Road,Jiangning District,Nanjing,China. Our company is a manufacturer specializing in power product development,design, production,sales and service company.

 Products range are following:Air cooling type AC/DC module power supply (AC/DC Converter),rate range from 0.1W to 2KW;Air cooling type DC/DC module power supply (DC/DC Converter),rate range from 3W to 1KW;EV AC/DC on board battery charger from 1KW to 6.6KW;EV DC/DC Converter from 500W to 3KW.

Our company is not only passed the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification,but also IS014001 quality environmental protection system certification and automotive TS16949:2009 system certification.Some products also pass electromagnetic compatibility through the "Jiangsu Institute of Metrology" and other authoritative departments of the test. Product safety and electrical performance in full compliance with the Ministry of Information Industry "YD / T731", "YD / T731-2000 high frequency switching rectifier standard",some products through UL,CE demonstration.

Since its establishment,our company adhere to the science and technology as the forerunner,take the technology as the backing,and constantly develop all kinds of hi-tech leading colleague' S new products.Currently we has a number of national patent.The "PengTu" brand power has been widely used in railway,military, aerospace,power, communication,control,instrument,car equipment,ship and major scientific research institutions,etc various fields. We have got high praise from the customers.