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ev home charger PT500 500W Air-cooling DC/DC Converter

With many years of power module development experience, we are good at developing high density and low profile power modules with high reliability; this is essential for the EV On-board DC-DC converters.The EV application has tough safety and functional requirements,  PENGTU include this into our code of conduct.The EV DC DC Converter could be used for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and other industrial vehicles. These converters have high efficiency and are reliable for car electronics and low voltage battery charging.

Ev home charger Specifications
Input Voltage Range:    48VDC/60VDC/72VDC

Output Voltage Range:  12VDC/24VDC

Max Output Current:       50A/25A

Valued Output Power:     500W@25℃

Efficiency:                       ≥85% (typical 88%)

IP Level:                         IP65 

Product Size:                 240*140*66mm

Product Weight:             ≤1.5kg