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Liquid-Cooled 3.3KW AC/DC Battery Charger with 1.5KW DC/DC Converter ev charger manufacturers

Ev charger manufacturers Specifications

Product Size:          238*154*133mm

Product Weight:         ≤9kg

3.3KW Liquid-Cooled AC/DC Battery Charger

Input Voltage Range:   90-265VAC

Output Voltage:           288VDC/320VDC/384VDC/486VDC (Custom-made is acceptable)

Max Output Power:     3.3KW

Low-voltage output voltage: 13.5V (Optional)

Low-voltage Output Current: 4A (Optional)

High Efficiency:                  ≥94%

IP Level:                          IP67 (Except the fan) 

Communication Interface:   CAN2.0


1.5KW Liquid-cooled DC/DC Converter

Input Voltage Range:        200-400VDC (Custom-made is acceptable)

Output Voltage Range:     8-16VDC  (Custom-made is acceptable)

Max Output Current:        110A

Valued Output Power:     1.5KW

Max Output Power:         1.7KW

High Efficiency:                ≥93%

IP Level:                         IP67 

Communication Interface:  CAN2.0