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PTDS 2000W Series Sealed ev on board charger

The chargers are designed with sealed structure. They are suitable for flooded lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, sealed (colloidal) lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, etc. They can be used to cycling charge and electric motorcycle, floating charge the battery in electric car, patrol car,sightseeing car, forklift, electric power ship,communication,etc.

Ev on board charger Specifications

Input Voltage Range:   180-260VAC (PFC)

Output Voltage:           48VDC/60VDC/72VDC (Custom-made is acceptable)

Max Output Power:      2KW

Charging mode:          6-stage smart charging

Efficiency:                   ≥ 94%

PFC:                           ≥ 98%

IP Level:                     IP67 

Size:                           281 x 168 x 94.5 ( mm ) 

Weight:                       ≤4.4kg