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Provide power supply design scheme
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Mingzn technology is a company that focuses on power supply research and development, production, sales and service. The company has a strong research and development team and employs a group of experienced power supply engineers.
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Ming zinc technology constantly improves its own management and strives to improve product quality. It has a perfect evaluation system in the selection of suppliers, and strictly checks the products supplied by suppliers.
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Meet the different needs of customers in various fields. At present, the products are widely used in rail transit, industrial control, communication engineering, military research institutes, new energy, automotive electronics, photovoltaic and other fields.
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A company focusing on Power R & D, production, sales and service
Guangdong Ming xin Technology Co., Ltd
Guangdong Ming xin Technology Co., Ltd., located in Songshanhu high tech park, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a company focusing on power supply research and development, production, sales and service. The company has a strong R & D team, employs a group of experienced power engineers, and works closely with many colleges and universities. R & D and production of various power supply products suitable for market demand. The company has modern production and testing equipme
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Are you still using homemade power
1、 Cost analysis of power supply schemeIn the development of electronic systems, many design engineers will choose to build their own power supply solutions, mainly for the purpose of saving costs and confidence in their own power supply technology. People think that the cost of the power supply sy
Module power supply is developing towards device level step by step
In recent years, the application of modular power supply has become more and more extensive, and the requirements for it in the design of electronic products have become higher and higher. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of the electronic industry, the improvement of the traditiona
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    Classification of switching regulated power supply
    There are many kinds of switching regulated power supply, but the basic circuit is composed of linear filter, rectifier filter, DC / DC converter and regulated control circuit.The AC voltage of 220V / 50h: passes through the linear filter, filters out the pulse interference in the power grid, and th
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    Development of power module electronic technology industry
    With the rapid development of power electronics technology, the relationship between power electronics equipment and people's work and life has become increasingly close, and electronic equipment can not be separated from reliable power supply. In the 1980s, computer power supply fully realized
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    How to debug power module failure
    Because the module power supply is easy to install and has many structural advantages, the design related to the module power supply often appears in the field of mobile communication and switching equipment. It can be seen that the module power supply is widely used. The DC-DC power module has high
Three elements of low ripple power supply
The following are the three elements of a low ripple power supply:1. Energy storage inductance. The larger the Q value of the energy storage inductance at the working frequency, the better. Many people only pay attention to the inductance. In fact, the influence of Q value is much larger. As long as
Requirements of reliable performance of DC-DC module power supply on production environment
In the modern high-tech era, the higher the reliability of DC-DC power modules, but AC-DC power conversion and DC-DC power conversion have gradually become module or integrated chip industry, and also gradually become an important part of various electronic equipment and industrial automatic control
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    Difference between isolated power module and non isolated power module
    1. SecurityIsolated DCDC power module refers to the isolated power supply that uses transformers to reduce the voltage of various voltages (such as 48VDC, 24VDC, 12VDC, etc.) to the required voltage through transformers, and then supplies power to the load. The non isolated power supply module direc
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    The difference between isolated and non-isolated power
    Isolation power supply: Isolation power supply refers to reducing the high voltage to low voltage through the transformer, and rectifying it into a DC voltage. Since the whole conversion process is not connected to the ground, it is not easy to have the risk of electric shock accident, and it is saf
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    7 major factors in the selection of dcdc module power supply
    For dcdc module power products with TRIM or ADJ (adjustable) output pins, the output working voltage can be adjusted within a certain range according to resistors or adjustable potentiometers, usually the adjustment range is ±10%.For the TRIM output pin, connect the potentiometer to TRIM. In all mo
Precautions for module power application
1. Extremely light loadGenerally, the module power supply has a minimum load limit, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and is generally about 10%. When the load is too light, the energy storage element will have difficulty in freewheeling and current discontinuity will occur, resulting
How to choose a suitable DC power module
Temperature range and derating useGenerally, power modules of manufacturers have several temperature range products to choose from: commercial grade, industrial grade, military grade, etc. when selecting module power supply, we must consider the actual working temperature range, because different te
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    How to choose a suitable power module
    Selection of DC-DC module power supplyIn addition to the most basic voltage conversion function, the following aspects need to be considered when choosing to use DC / DC module power supply:1. Rated powerIt is generally recommended that the actual power used should be 30-80% of the rated power of th
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    The difference between power module and charger and power adapter
    Power modules, chargers and power adapters are all power supplies, but they have different uses. They are all manufactured by switching power supplies. However, a small number of chargers are not made of switching power supplies, and power adapters also use transformer output and linear rectifier ou
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    Analysis of Spike Hazard and Absorption Circuit in Switching Power Modules
    In switching power supplies, inductance and capacitance are common, parasitic capacitance is generally connected in parallel with the switching element or diode, and parasitic inductance is connected in series with it. Due to the presence of inductance and capacitance, the switching power supply mod
How to install the The Commonwealth of Dominica AC power supply so that it can function as a protect
supplyThe three-phase AC power intelligent protector has developed and created the function of"fault detection before closing", which has g
The purchase of DCDC converter should be cautious(2)
powervehicledcpower1. Flame retardant properties can not be ignoredmodule(DC/DC) converterThe DC/DC converter converts a fixed DC voltage into a varia