Belorussia Functions and advantages of LED advertising screen power supply(2)


Belorussia At present, there are many kinds of modules on the market. You only need to choose a suitable power module, which can be used with several discrete components. The high integrated circuit inside the module makes the design more compact, and the supplier can also provide professional technical support and system solutions. The difference from the discrete model is that the manufacturer can provide important data such as the parameter curves of the model, peripheral circuits and modules.





The secondary power DC/DC converter of the communication power supply has been commercialized. The module adopts high-frequency PWM technology, the switching frequency is about 500kHz, and the power density is 5W~20W/in3. With the development of large-scale integrated circuits, the module power supply is required to be miniaturized, so it is necessary to continuously increase the switching frequency and adopt new circuit topologies. The power density of the module power supply has been greatly improved.


2. Save cost and time

Belorussia The LED advertising screen  24V input power supply has a variety of input and output options, which can be added repeatedly or cross added to form a modular combined  24V input power supply and realize multiple input and output. Compared with discrete debugging, debugging is simpler and safer, greatly simplifying the design and application, and shortening the development time.