Series and parallel connection of guanjian1(4)


In case of failure, it does not affect another guanjian1to continuously supply power to the load, which is common in key places where failure of the power module is not allowed); However, considering the voltage drop of its diode




Influence; This kind of method not only causes a regular frequency shock and strong interference, making its ripple much larger than that of its two DCDC power modules. At this time, it also needs external capacitance to reduce the ripple

The power supply of vehicle control electronic equipment is mainly supplied by on-board battery, which can be supplied by battery charger and auxiliary battery
Assist the inverter and the generator or generator set equipped with electronic voltage regulation to charge. Auxiliary equipment starts or battery charger voltage fluctuates too much
The output voltage of the battery will be affected. During the voltage fluctuation of the battery, the vehicle control electronics should not cause work
Can change. In order to solve the industrial application problems of vehicle control equipment and meet the demand of voltage fluctuation and other characteristics, wide power is required
Railway power supply
Railway power supply
Voltage range input power supply products meet the demand.

module power supply

The better method is to connect the inductor in series at the output, which is not only smaller than the voltage drop of the diode, but also suitable for selecting the inductor and capacitor, which will effectively reduce the impact frequency and their ripple.