Nicaragua Noise test method of buck power supply module(2)




At present, the design of modular  24V input power supply is becoming more and more standardized, and the control circuit tends to adopt digital control mode. Non isolated DC-DC converters (including VRM) grow faster than isolated ones. With the improvement of semiconductor technology and packaging technology and the large number of applications of high-frequency soft switching technology, the power density of  manufacturer supply is getting higher and higher, the power conversion efficiency of  manufacturer supply is getting higher and smaller, and chip level  manufacturer supply is emerging. Module  24V input power supply is widely used in AC equipment, access equipment, mobile communication, microwave communication, optical transmission, routers and other communication fields, as well as automotive electronics, aerospace and so on. It can supply power for application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), digital signal processor (DSP), microprocessor, memory, field programmable gate array (FPGA) and other digital or analog loads. The noise test of  manufacturer supply is mainly divided into three points, as follows:

AC/DC Module power




1. Test conditions: the AC input voltage of thebuck  24V input power supply module is 220V, and the output is fully loaded (for multi-channel output, each channel is fully loaded)


(1) After opening the package, it is necessary to carefully check whether the identification of each terminal is in line with the instructions that are brought along with it, and whether it is in line with the requirements of the order contract. If it does not match, you should immediately contact the production or sales unit to discuss how to deal with it.
(2) As the first step of installation, the metal casing of the module power supply must be grounded reliably to ensure safety, but the casing should not be connected to the zero line by mistake.

(the AC input voltage can be set as 90V, 220V, 265V as required, and the test can be conducted under full load output conditions).