China Difference between power module and power supply(1)



Today, with the continuous development of modernization, mobile phones have become a necessity for people. They can not only be used for long-distance instant chat but also for Internet access. It is also because people rely on mobile phones too much that this new type of emotional anxiety called "no electricity anxiety" is generated.

To solve the problem of never electricity anxiety, and the advent of mobile power supply, it has addressed this problem to a certain extent. China  When it comes to power supply, we must talk about power modules. What is the difference between them? Is the power module a power supply? I'm here to publish my answers.

Power Active Filter
When the traditional alternating current-direct current (AC-DC) converter is put into operation, a large amount of harmonic current will be injected into the power grid, which will cause harmonic loss and interference. For example, when uncontrollable rectification is added with capacitor filtering, the third harmonic content on the grid side can reach (70~80)%, and the power factor on the grid side is only 0.5~0.6.

China  Power module

module power supply

In terms of definition, power supply is a device that converts other forms of power into electrical energy. In other words, a device that can produce electromagnetic energy, such as people's batteries, etc. What is the difference between power module and power supply?