Classification and characteristics of AC regulated power supply

The power supply that can provide a stable voltage and frequency is called AC stable power supply. At present, the work of most domestic manufacturers is to stabilize the AC voltage.

Parameter adjustment (resonance) type

The basic principle of this kind of regulated power supply is LC series resonance, and the early magnetic saturation regulator belongs to this kind Its advantages are simple structure, no many components, high reliability, wide voltage stabilization range, strong anti-interference and anti overload ability. Its disadvantages are high energy consumption, noise, bulkiness and high cost.

The parameter regulator developed on the basis of the magnetic saturation principle and the "magnetic amplifier regulated electronic AC regulator" (i.e. type 614), which was popular in China in the 1950s, are all AC regulators with this principle.

Self coupling (transformation ratio) adjustment type

1. Mechanical voltage regulation type, that is, the carbon brush is driven by the servo motor to move on the winding sliding surface of the autotransformer, and the ratio of VO to VI is changed to realize the adjustment and stability of the output voltage. This kind of regulator can range from hundreds of watts to thousands of watts. It is characterized by simple structure, low cost and small output waveform distortion; However, the sliding contact of the carbon brush is easy to produce electric sparks, causing damage to the brush and even burning out and failure; And the voltage adjustment speed is slow.

2. Change the tap type, make the autotransformer into multiple fixed taps, and use the relay or thyristor (solid-state relay) as 10 switches to automatically change the tap position, so as to achieve the stability of output voltage.

This type of voltage regulator has the advantages of simple circuit, wide voltage stabilization range (130v-280v), high efficiency (≥ 95%), and low price. The disadvantage is low voltage stabilization accuracy (± 8 ~ 10%) and short working life. It is suitable for families to supply power to air conditioners.

High power compensated purified regulator (including precision regulator)

It uses the compensation link to realize the stability of output voltage and is easy to realize microcomputer control.