What should I pay attention to when selecting the ACDC module power supply?

Source: Guangzhou Nengda Power Technology Co., Ltd. time: 2022-06-21 16:13:33 Views: 35

For engineers, selecting the ACDC module power supply is a necessary step for each design power supply. Before the final selection of products, engineers need to consider many factors. What should be paid attention to when selecting the power supply of ACDC module?

ACDC module power supply

1. Do not select the wrong input voltage:

As long as the input voltage is within this input range, the universal input voltage range is 85-264VAC or 110-370vdc.

2. Package size:

The power supply module needs to reserve enough space to consider the influence of its heat radiation on signal acquisition interference and the influence of module electromagnetic interference on the performance of other circuit components. Therefore, the volume and cost should be taken into account, and the reliability of the module should also be considered comprehensively. In short, the standard module specifications shall be adopted as much as possible to achieve the goals of low cost, mature technology, low resistance and saving development time. The isolation voltage of our ACDC products is 3000VAC. It is recommended to use standard specification modules for power supply as far as possible to ensure that the product has high cost performance and reliability, and has the advantages of fast sample delivery.

3. Isolate input and output:

The isolation feature makes the input and output of the module completely two independent (not sharing the ground) power supplies. In the industrial bus system, it is necessary to conduct safety isolation in the face of harsh environment, such as (peak, lightning strike and arc interference), which can also eliminate the grounding environment; Noise isolation of sensitive analog circuit and digital circuit in hybrid circuit; Realize voltage conversion in multi voltage power supply system.

4. Output power.

After the load is selected, the output current is basically determined. The magnitude of the load current is the key to determine the power, and also directly affects the reliability and price of the module. Under the premise of using at normal temperature, the power module is preferably used at 30% - 80% power. If it is in high temperature or low temperature environment, specific reduction design needs to be considered. One of the key factors for successful design is to select the appropriate output current. If the current is too large or too small, it will lead to low reliability and high cost.

The power module shall be reduced in application under high temperature conditions, and the power reduction above 30% - 40% can be selected. For high-temperature applications or poor heat dissipation, under the same power conditions, the module with large volume is preferred; For the condition above 70 ℃ in long-term work, please consult our technical service staff to select the power module suitable for high-temperature environment.