Function of transformer in module power supply

Power transformer is a kind of soft magnetic electromagnetic component. Because of its functions of power transmission, voltage conversion and insulation isolation, it has been widely used in power supply technology and power electronics technology.

When the transmission power is different, the design of power transformer is also different. The most important materials of power module transformer are insulating materials, conductor materials and magnetic materials. The magnetic leakage must be small so as to reduce the leakage of the winding.

For the power transformer, it is an element that can convert voltage in practice. However, the switch module power transformer is different from other transformers. It has one more switch tube than the ordinary transformer, thus forming a self-excited intermittent oscillator, which can adjust the input DC voltage to high-frequency pulse voltage and output it.

In addition to the above effects, there is also the transfer and conversion of energy. In the flyback module power supply circuit, when we turn on the switch, the response transformer will convert the electric energy into a magnetic field and store it. When we turn off the switch, on the contrary, the magnetic field will be converted into electric energy.

Power transformer is often used in some electronic products. Its principle is simple, but according to different use conditions (different uses), the winding technology of transformer will have different requirements. Although it is only one of the transformers, it is a transformer widely used in life. According to the use, the transformer can be divided into the following four categories.