How to choose an efficient and reliable dcdc module power supply

 1. Adopt a mature power supply topology

The design of the power module should use mature power topologies as far as possible. These topologies have passed the test of time and are mature and reliable. For example, the constant voltage input dcdc power supply mode t of 1-2W selects the Royer circuit, while the wide voltage input series selects the Flyback topology and some Forward topology.

2. High efficiency in full load range

High efficiency means lower power loss and lower temperature rise, which can effectively improve reliability. In practical applications, the power supply will choose a certain degree of derating design, especially when the power consumption of the load IC is getting lower and lower today, the power supply is likely to work under light load conditions most of the time. Therefore, high efficiency in the full load range is a very critical parameter for power system reliability, but is often ignored by power supply manufacturers. In order to attract customers with the parameters in the technical manual, most manufacturers tend to achieve high full-load efficiency, but the efficiency is low at 5%-50% load.

Through the improvement of efficiency, the temperature rise of the case of the product can also be effectively reduced. The temperature rise of VRB2412LD-15WR2 is 13.8 degrees lower when working under actual load. 3. Extreme temperature characteristics

The geographical area of application of power modules is very broad, and there may be tropical heat and severe cold similar to Russian winter. Therefore, the minimum operating temperature range of the dcdc module is required to be -40 degrees to 85 degrees, and there are also better ones. If it is used in automotive BMS and high-voltage bus monitoring applications, the operating temperature needs to be -40 degrees to 125 degrees.

Extreme temperature test is the best method to verify the reliability of power modules, such as high temperature aging, high temperature & low temperature live performance test, high and low temperature cycle impact test and time high temperature and high humidity test. Formal power supply development will go through the above tests. Therefore, whether there is such test equipment has also become the basis for judging whether the power supply manufacturer is a copycat factory.

4. High isolation, low isolation capacitance

Medical products require extremely low leakage current, and power electronic products require as little parasitic capacitance between the primary and secondary as possible. These two industries have a common requirement, that is, high isolation withstand voltage and low isolation capacitance are required to reduce the impact of common mode interference on the system. If it is used in medical or power electronics applications, 1-2WDC_DC is recommended to use a power module with an isolation capacitance below about 10pF, and a power module below 150pF for wide-voltage products.