Five uses of dcdc power modules

1. Isolation:

1. Safety isolation: strong current and weak current isolation, IGBT isolation drive, surge isolation protection, lightning isolation protection (such as isolation protection of medical electronic equipment in contact with human body)

2. Noise isolation: (isolation of analog circuits and digital circuits, isolation of high and low data signals)

3. Ground loop removal: remote control data signal transmission data distributed power distribution lines

2. Maintenance: (short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, other protections)

3. Working voltage conversion: boost conversion buck conversion AC/DC conversion (dcdc power supply module, dcdc module power supply) polarity conversion (positive and negative polarity conversion, single power supply and positive and negative power conversion, single power supply and multi power supply conversion)

4. Voltage regulation: AC mains power supply emote DC power supplydistributed power supply systemattery power supply

5. Noise reduction: active filter