Module power supply is developing towards device level step by step

In recent years, the application of modular power supply has become more and more extensive, and the requirements for it in the design of electronic products have become higher and higher. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of the electronic industry, the improvement of the traditional network and the rise of the emerging mobile Internet have led to the rapid development of data services and the continuous promotion of distributed power supply systems, and the growth of power modules has also far exceeded that of power supplies. With the large-scale use of new semiconductor processes, packaging technology and high-frequency soft switches, the power density of module power supply is getting higher and higher, the conversion efficiency is getting higher and the application is becoming simpler. Module power supply is widely used in access equipment, switching equipment, mobile communication, microwave communication, optical transmission, routers and other communication fields, as well as railway high-speed railway, automotive electronics, aerospace, industrial control automation and so on. Due to the systematic way of modular power supply, it has the advantages of short design cycle, high reliability, high conversion performance, stable quality and easy system upgrade.

The progress of semiconductor integration, module power supply packaging and circuit topology has brought module power supply into a new field, and module power supply is gradually developing to the device level. With the advancement of module power integration and consistent design, the application of modules is becoming more and more standardized, the application circuit is becoming more and more simple, and the selection of models is becoming relatively easy. Module power supply manufacturers have begun to integrate devices and circuits to reduce costs and improve competitiveness