Are you still using homemade power

1、 Cost analysis of power supply scheme

In the development of electronic systems, many design engineers will choose to build their own power supply solutions, mainly for the purpose of saving costs and confidence in their own power supply technology. People think that the cost of the power supply system is mainly the procurement cost. In fact, the procurement cost of purchased power supply products is really only needed, but the cost of building a power supply scheme by oneself not only includes the procurement cost of raw materials, but also includes the power supply design cost, production and manufacturing cost, management cost, quality maintenance cost, etc.

1. Raw material cost: in fact, raw material cost does not account for a large proportion in the cost of the whole power supply system. Therefore, although choosing to build a power supply scheme by oneself can obviously save the procurement cost, non professional power supply enterprises have no quantitative advantage in the procurement channel of raw materials, which leads to: from the perspective of the whole product line, there is not much room for raw material cost compression;

2. Design and time cost: design cost accounts for the largest proportion in the cost of product R & D stage, even in the cost of the whole life cycle of the product. Choosing to build a power supply scheme by oneself actually increases the design cost of the whole system to a certain extent, because system engineers have to spend more time on raw material selection, topology scheme optimization, scheme design debugging and verification. The design of the power supply scheme is a process of integration and optimization. If there is a problem in one of the links, and if the system engineers are inexperienced in the design of the power supply scheme, it is likely to lead to the extension of the product development cycle, thus missing the best time to market.

3. Production and management costs: under the background of increasing labor costs, automated production has become the best choice for enterprises to reduce labor costs and management costs. Compared with professional power supply enterprises that can realize automated mass production, system manufacturers have no quantitative advantage, and it is difficult to implement automated production. Even if there is a certain batch, in order to realize automatic production of self built power supply, it is necessary to build an independent power supply production platform on the basis of existing system equipment and increase production operators and management personnel, which greatly increases the production cost of power supply. In the process of raw material procurement, R & D design, production and storage of power supply, whether it is personnel management, equipment management, loss Inventory management also brings the pressure of management cost that can not be ignored.