Common general technical specifications of military power supply

At present, military power supply has become very common in the market and is gradually becoming popular. The important applicable groups are the communication field, transportation Baidu search ranking, aviation and navigation, radio, radar, aviation, aerospace, navigation, ships, processing industry, etc. In recent years, the authorities have vigorously developed the power industry, among which the military power supply has the characteristics of stronger adaptability and better latency.

Common general technical indicators of military power supply:

1. Working environment temperature: -40 ℃ ~+55 ℃, -40 ℃ ~+85 ℃, etc

2. Humidity: (95 ± 3)% 35 ℃

3. Vibration and shock: meet the requirements of gjb367.2-87 for strict response level

4. Rain proof, water-proof and salt fog proof ability: it has the ability of rain proof, water-proof and salt fog corrosion prevention

5. Reliability: MTBF ≥ 500000 H

6. Safety: output to housing >500vdc/1min

7. Transportation requirements: it can withstand the vibration of vehicles on class III Highway during transportation

8. Input power supply: DC12V ~ 32V

9. Output voltage: DC24V

10. Output high current: 17A

11. Voltage accuracy: ≤± 1.0%

12. Voltage regulation rate: ≤ 0.5%

13. Current adjustment rate: ≤ 1%

14. Output voltage ripple: VRMs ≤ 0.1%, Vp-p ≤ 1%

15. Performance and condition indication: LED indicating AC input and fault indicator are installed on the module

16. Input treasure: soft start, peak resistance ≮ 2500V, surge resistance 200 ms ≮ 800 V without damage

17. Efficiency: 98%

18. Output treasure: overvoltage treasure, overcurrent treasure, overheat treasure, short circuit treasure. When the abnormal conditions are removed, the power supply will not be damaged

19. Shape and size: 170 mm × 120 mm × 40mm

20. Cooling method: natural cooling

21. Weight: ≤ 0.50kg