The difference between power module and charger and power adapter

Power modules, chargers and power adapters are all power supplies, but they have different uses. They are all manufactured by switching power supplies. However, a small number of chargers are not made of switching power supplies, and power adapters also use transformer output and linear rectifier output.

Switching power supply is a way to convert 220V AC power into low-voltage DC power. It is different from traditional power frequency transformers. Generally, the power supply using this switching voltage conversion technology is called switching power supply. The power module is a small switching power supply, which is mainly divided into AC-DC power module and DC-DC power module. Because of its small size, it is usually used with peripheral components, which are mainly used for voltage conversion to supply power to the system and do not have a charging function.

The charger refers to the power supply that only charges the battery. It adds a charging detection and control loop on the basis of the switching power supply, such as constant current, reverse connection, floating charge, automatic adjustment of the equalizing voltage and so on. The common ones are USB chargers, as well as mobile phone chargers, notebook power supplies, battery car chargers, etc. The chargers generally convert 220V into a suitable DC voltage. The function of charging the rechargeable battery.

The power adapter refers to the power supply that provides power to the device, such as the computer host power supply, printer power supply, monitor power supply, these are not called chargers. The power adapter has the characteristics of small size, energy saving and environmental protection, multiple safety protection, long service life, and wide application range. It can be roughly divided into desktop power adapter, in-line power adapter, multi-channel power adapter, USB power adapter, etc. The power adapter includes the charger, but the charger does not include the power adapter.

The power supply that always supplies power to the device is usually called a power adapter, such as for surveillance cameras or electronic equipment, which is different from the usb charger in design requirements. USB chargers are required to meet the needs of different currents in different frequency bands, while power adapters for monitoring, cameras and other equipment are biased towards stable current.

The power adapter is mainly suitable for small electrical appliances and electronic products. It is basically a constant voltage source, which keeps the output voltage constant and automatically adjusts the output current according to the power consumption of the equipment load. The switching power supply is a conversion current device that controls the entire switch and is suitable for all electronic equipment.