How to choose a suitable power module

Selection of DC-DC module power supply

In addition to the most basic voltage conversion function, the following aspects need to be considered when choosing to use DC / DC module power supply:

1. Rated power

It is generally recommended that the actual power used should be 30-80% of the rated power of the module power supply (the specific proportion is also related to other factors, which will be mentioned later), Within this power range, the performance of the module power supply in all aspects is relatively full and stable. If the load is too light, resources will be wasted; if it is too heavy, temperature rise and reliability will be adversely affected. All module power supplies have certain overload capacity.

2. Packaging form

There are many packaging forms of module power supply, including those conforming to international standards and non-standard ones. For the products of the same company, the same power products have different packages, and the same package has different powers. So how to choose the packaging form? There are mainly three aspects: ① the volume should be as small as possible under certain power conditions, so as to give more space and more functions to other parts of the system; ② Try to choose products that conform to international standard packaging, because they have good compatibility and are not limited to one or two suppliers; ③ It shall be scalable to facilitate system capacity expansion and upgrading. Choose a package. Because the requirements of the system for power supply power are increased due to function upgrading, the package of the power module remains unchanged, and the design of the system circuit board does not need to be changed, which greatly simplifies product upgrading and saves time.