Application and related characteristics of vehicle power supply

Power inverter (on-board power supply) is not only suitable for on-board system. As long as there is DC12V power supply, you can use the power inverter to convert DC12V into AC220V AC, which brings convenience to your life. 5. How does the high and low pressure alarm and shutdown function reflect? The red LED is on and there is an alarm tone when the power inverter is in high and low voltage alarm and turned off.

Matters needing attention:

When the power inverter uses the battery, the battery voltage drops to 9.5v, and the power inverter will automatically shut down to ensure that the car can start normally and the battery will not be damaged.

The power inverter automatically completes the battery maintenance function by relying on the internal electronic circuit. In case of shutdown and alarm during the operation of power inverter, check the following items:

1) Whether the power of the driven electrical appliances exceeds the rated power of the inverter.

2) Whether the power inverter is well connected with batteries and electrical appliances.

3) Whether the shutdown during operation is a temperature alarm? Stop it for a period of time at this moment and continue to use it

Power inverter is widely welcomed in foreign markets. In foreign countries, due to the high popularity of cars, inverters can be used to connect car batteries to drive electrical appliances and electric tools when working in places without mains power or traveling.