How to choose a good switching power supply module

The switching power supply module can modularize the discrete components on the power supply, so that not only the power density is higher, but the volume is also smaller, and it is one of the common components on the current circuit. How to choose a good switching power supply module, we need to filter according to the following points.

Switching power supply module

1. The switching power supply module needs to be selected according to its own scale requirements. Although some foreign brands are of good quality, the price is also very high, and the delivery time is very long. This is not necessary for some enterprises. Blindly choose foreign brands, you can also choose some well-reputed domestic switching power supply module manufacturers for customization.

2. Communicate with design engineers to understand the company's implementation of design standards and design processes. For example, the company's product stability design standards, derating standards, electrical safety standards, EMC standards, etc. The modular design of a new product is a very rigorous process. A company that promises to deliver a new product to you within a week is a lax company. Design details are important, such as small overshoot and voltage drop at power supply settings, and the stability of the feedback network under harsh conditions. These big companies do a great job, but few small companies pay attention to these design details.

3. Look at the material of the switching power supply module: turn on a module power supply and see it yourself, it is more useful than listening to what others say. The quality and positioning of this power supply manufacturer can be seen from the material of the power supply products. The selection of power supply materials, such as capacitors, MOSFETs, diodes and other key materials, can determine the quality of the power supply, which is an important device.