The difference between isolated and non-isolated power

Isolation power supply: Isolation power supply refers to reducing the high voltage to low voltage through the transformer, and rectifying it into a DC voltage. Since the whole conversion process is not connected to the ground, it is not easy to have the risk of electric shock accident, and it is safer in use, but the design scheme is more complicated than non-isolated power supply.


1. High safety factor

2. Strong anti-interference

3. Very easy to build boost conversion, multi-channel output

4. Wide range of input voltage


1. High conversion efficiency and low efficiency

2. Large volume

3. The design scheme is complicated and the cost rises

Field of application:

1. In places where the natural environment is weak, the AC power supply must have strong anti-interference ability to ensure its reliability, and the isolation module must be used;

2. For remote control of industrial production and communication, in order to reduce the harm of potential difference and transmission line interference, an isolated power supply is used;

3. For places with a high safety factor, an isolated power module must be used;

4. For machines and equipment with high power quality standards, use isolated power supplies, such as precision instruments.

Non-isolated power supply: Non-isolated power supply means that the input and output are directly connected according to electronic components. There is no difference between the isolated power supply and the non-isolated power supply.

Advantages of non-isolated power supply:

1. High conversion efficiency

2. Small volume

3. Very easy to design, low cost

Non-isolated power supply defects:

1. Low safety factor

2. Poor anti-interference

3. It is difficult to achieve boost conversion and multiple output

4. The input voltage range is low

Application place:

1. The IC in the circuit board or a part of the power supply circuit power supply system adopts a non-isolated power supply from the perspective of cost performance and volume;

2. The rechargeable battery power supply system is used, and the regulations on the endurance are strict, and the non-isolated power supply is used.